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I'm a human being, a web designer, an environmentalist, a college co-ed and a professional naked person.  Or perhaps a bit beyond simply a professional naked person, as I do fetish and porn things whilst being naked (or in varying states of undress).  There are many other things that I am, but I suppose we're just sticking to the pertinent ones here.  

I'm just your friendly neighborhood nudie model.  There are lots of us out there, I bet you that you know some of us in real life and you have no idea.  I'm an office temp sometimes and nobody I work with has ever had any idea.  Makes me feel like a superhero.  We are just normal people, only we get naked in public.  I'm pretty awesome and I think that you would like me if we were friends, so I shall endeavor to make that happen.  Come, let us hang out together


Isobel's Top 5

Top five best times you had sex

  • The relationship was flagging and we didn't like each other too much any more.  Suddenly one night we couldn't keep our hands off of each other and ended up fucking in the front seat of his truck in a dark corner of the parking lot.
  • A then-boyfriend requested we get drunk, cover our bed in plastic sheeting and cover ourselves in oil. Remarkably fun!
  • A Friend-with-Benefits used to finger me so well that I would routinely come so hard I passed out.
  • The first time (after Christian school) that I tried anal penetration I used a vibrator on my clit, he entered me from behind and there was a butt-plug in my ass.
  • He bought me shoes that were too high for me to walk in but for him I wore them all the way up to his hotel room where he laid me out on the bed with my head hanging over the side.  He strapped a vibrator to me and then he face-fucked me until he came all over my neck.


Who was the best Catwoman?

Eartha Kitt - 0%
Julie Newmar - 0%
Halle Berry - 100%
Michelle Pfeiffer - 0%

Total votes: 1
The voting for this poll has ended on: 04 Dec 2011 - 20:19

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